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The program is unavailable for downloading: hardware-dependent. The software comes in bundle with chip-specific drivers.


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Germán González Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
The SoundMAX digital audio system is actually an audio codec for most popular onboard sound cards. The 5.1 version has been for some time on the market, so to speak, and despite this fact, it comes in 32 and 64 bit versions. It was quite unusual for drivers to have both versions; though Vista users did report some installation and playback minor incidents.
I installed it on 32 and 64bit versions of Windows XP and I had no problems, however.

The installation wizard is very helpful and expedient, with the help of a color plug system. A novice user can install his or her 5.1 home theater set in a few seconds. The software is very complete, neat and has full automatic detection capability. It automatically detects any device you plug into the computer - for example, if your motherboard has rear and front connectors, you can plug your home theater in its rear and reserve its front for a microphone, headphones, portable mp3/mp4 players or other devices. The very moment you plug a device, a window will pop and display the device, and you may correct it in case it’s wrong.

Another special feature that users may enjoy is provided when a SoundMAX Superbeam microphone (manufactured by Andres Electronics) is installed. This feature provides enhanced high-quality voice input and is useful (it is said) for “Continuous Speech Recognition”, “Command and Control” and “Voice over IP Internet Telephony”.

A a bottom line, SoundMAX is a great package that enables users to configure a wide range of aspects of a sound card (Master volume, Wave, SW Synth, Line in, among others) and does it painless and easy. I fully recommend it.


  • The configuration wizard makes it very easy.


  • Quite difficult to upgrade.

Latest comments

  All comments (35)
  • 0
    dalfy 6 months ago

    I can not download it, where is the link?

    • 0
      Nordine Bjerke 6 months ago

      Unfortunately, you cannot download SoundMAX. The program is hardware-dependent, it e comes in bundle with chip-specific drivers.

  • 1
    Guest Last year

    The sound is all distorted when using it. Why is this so?

  • 0
    Guest 3 years ago


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